Thursday, March 01, 2007

Water where it shouldn't be

When I arrived home yesterday I found water in the boat, on the floor in the sitting room. This caused me great puzzlement - the roof was dry, as were the walls, the gunwhales and the books in the bookcases. The kitchen floor was also dry, as was the dining room (gosh, this description is making the boat sound extraordinarily spacious...) and the bathroom and bedroom. As you will remember, I am 'fitting out' the bathroom at the moment, so I was relieved the problems didn't lie there. Back to the sitting room armed with a torch, a towel and determination I discovered the source of the problem was my door step.


Today it is sunny, and I am armed with a wire brush, some paint, a lump hammer and some screws. By this evening I will be carpenter extraordinairre, my speciality will be door steps.

Lets hope I don't manage to seal myself in in the process.


Blogger JayTee said...

A friend of mine (who paints boats and gets to live on one courtesy of one of the marinas he works for)stepped out of bed one morning to find himself up to his ankles in water...

Something a little bit of me dreads every morning since he told me this!

10:42 AM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

Ah yes, I don't think I would find that at all pleasing! Someone told me they used to sleep with their hand outside the bed dangling down so they would wake up when the water came in...

8:37 AM  

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