Saturday, February 17, 2007

doing the bathroom (still)

Some time ago I finally decided to use Vinyl flooring as a wall covering in order to waterproof the bathroom. I picked up some vinyl, but I have been unable to fix it to the walls as I decided it was a 2man job. Today the beloved had some available time so I was able to enlist said devoted assistant to the job.

After very little time we decided that putting vinyl flooring on the walls is not a 2man job but rather a family day out.

After much heaving, hilarity and near misses with the stanley knife we have managed the job. The vinyl covering however is not quite as I remember it, and rather than being a rather styulsih cosmopolitan white it is more beige and unconsmopolitan rather like an old age persons apartment. I wonder if I can persuade the fashion world that "old age beige" is the new black.


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