Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Problem Blog - Excellent

I hope you are all reading the progress of narrowboat no problem - there is a link on this page. No Problem markII fit out is now in progress and there are some super pictures of the dinnette zone. I am finding this really interesting, not least because I am planning to put a dinnette of sorts on my boat. I also find self fit-out sites with good pictures facinating as it gives me ideas, and to a certain extent shows me how to do my own!

I haven't done a great deal on my boat recently, I have been away too much. As a result I am getting really pretty tired. After this evenings trip to visit a friend, and a banter in Oxfordshire on saturday (where I will also pick up some batteries for the boat) I am going to give travelling a rest.


Blogger Miss T said...

Oh no - we want you to travel to come and see us 8-)

5:39 PM  

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