Friday, January 12, 2007

Eyes, DIY, logs

great news. The eye did not need a trip to the hospital! I went to see the Dr who ruled out the worrying possibilities and I am now on steroids - I am really hoping this will clear it up.

I have finally grouted the tiles surrounding the wood burner, and have put some tiles around the marble hearth. I thought tiling was messy - but grouting is worse! I have got quite a lot of clearing up to do before my sister and bro'inlaw arrive with their new baby for luncheon tomorrow.

I still haven't made any progress on the bathroom. I also have to sort out my kitchen units. I have some worktop for the left hand side which involves taking the old stuff off. I also want to raise the units so they fit snuggly to the gunwhale, but I am not sure whether the legs go high enough!

I am picking up some more logs on sunday - from freecycle. They are silver birch.


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