Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Freecycle

Todays freecycle triumph is a manual food mixer which I will pick up tomorrow. I have never heard of such a thing, but I think it may be less tiring on the arms when making meringues.

Thank you for the concerns over my duvet, I now feel like a complete wimp - both my duvets are 13togs! I am not sure whether my thermals are togged, but I am sure they are 3marksandspencers stars, and my jumper is thermal Last night I wore my dressing gown too..... I was very cosy.
I suppose it is always possible that too many layers results in trapping the heat out, not in.

I have some freecycle takers for the old blinds and curtains from the boat, and have also dropped off my stereo to another freecycler. I am now on the look out for a car stereo. I am sorry my portable was simply too big for the job with bad radio reception - I would have enjoyed wiring it in. At least I will be able to get traffic annoncements with a car stereo.

My eye has gone red again - this is intensly annoying. I have now gone through 3 tubes of stuff and the Dr said I would have to pay a visit to the eye hospital if the last lot didn't clear it up. It did... but not for very long! Looking sinister is not the new look for 2007 so I am going to have to get it sorted out.... but I am waiting for a phone call from the Dr first.


Blogger Knowleypowley said...


sorry to hear about the eye (one would make a comment about eyepatches, boats and pirates, but that is boring)hope it recovers soon.

May I ask, what is the web address of the freecycle site you use? I tried www. and was led to pages of adverts for companies trying to sell me stuff

Take it easy.


12:12 AM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

I have amended it! It is actually

also - if you type freecycle into google with your location is should come up with local groups.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Ephilei said... is a improvement over Freecycle where free items are listed. It has a lot of advantages over Freecycle like pictures and search and it's easier for beginners to pick up.There are lots of advanced features too, like RSS, a Google Earth layer, and gmail-style conversation views. I hope you check it out.

5:47 PM  

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