Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Smaller Kitchen

Whilst out and about collecting things other poeple have thrown away I have found some worktop for the left hand side of the kitchen that matches that of the right. The only problem being that the worktop is 10cm shorter than the kitchen I have shortened the kitchen. I have taken out the 50cm unit and replaced it with a 40cm unit I had kicking around. I moved the shelf from the disguarded 50cm unit into the remaining 50cm unit (I hope you are keeping up here) which has helped the storage side of things. The only draw back with the 40cm unit is the way the door has had to be fixed... which means the handle that was on it is now at the bottom of the unit rather than the top. At least you can't say I am size-ist, the short and the tall can access my cupboards. It looks rather swanky. Nothing like the bespoke to finish off a kitchen!


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