Sunday, February 18, 2007

Maffi and the Milly M

Many of us watched Maffi's boat being built at Ledgard via the webcam and this week I discovered via the canalworld forums that Maffi was moored in Uxbridge. As I needed a trip to the Uxbridge Boat Centre for a few bits I was delighted to be able to finally meet up with him. After a visit to his boat (which is lovely) we had luncheon in the Swan and Bottle which was excellent. I'd definately go back there.

Maffi's blog is not only a valuable insight into the process and difficulties of having a new boat built but is also a story of his trials and tribulations of his time in Saudi during the whole process. It was a triumphant moment when Maffi stepped on english soil once again, and as far as I can gather from my recent visit, he is having a fantastic time cruising the waterways!


Blogger Jason King said...

Great pub the Swan and Bottle. Cosy and the food's good, and the mooring's really convenient for shopping. But they're not keen on boaters, apparently they had some noisy boaters moored outside once. So be doubly polite to them!

(if you overstay you'll soon get a ticket from the the BW chap).

Happy cruising!

6:46 AM  

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