Friday, March 09, 2007

Snowy Farr RIP

I wonder if anyone who reads my blog remembers or knows of this unique character. Snowy Farr MBE raised money for the blind, and had a penchant for 19century military wear. He was most famous for his top hat where a cat would sit on the top and mice sit around the rim. On occassion he would have a mouse in his mouth. The buttercup buskers series was based on his lifestyle and was a childrens book and television series.
Sadly he died yesterday. He was 84 on 2nd March this year and seemed perfectly well!

I have just found this picture of him on the web: AndyJM Flicker photo of Snowy Farr


Blogger david said...

I feel I have to offer a more accurate view of Snowy. Described as " little better than a village idiot " " the farrs' aint like other men, they don't know how to work ", my family frequently fed young snowy when he was a boy.

This was because his father held horses heads outside pubs for a living. Snowys affectations for military uniforms seems strange as most of his service in ww2 consisted of frequent beatings in Colchester glasshouse for his inability to obey orders.

The Farrs' were feckless, stupid and workshy. Snowy did well to get an MBE out of never doing an honest days work in his life.

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