Friday, March 09, 2007

Spiders Again

A couple of posts back I talked about my fake spiders web and spider which now has a dead spider in it. The spider is intact except for an exploded abdomen. Well, Jaytee from Cosmos left a comment which I thought was so excellent I would post it here to draw your attention to it.

"Your real spider may have been got at by an Ichneumon Wasp! (seeIchneumon_wasp). There are many species some large, often very tiny - but most of them lay eggs in spiders or insects (many catapillars are prey to them)...the baby ichneumon grubs eat the creature from the inside and then bust out one day, the lovely things, before pupating and then flying off as an adult "wasp".

I'm sure you wanted to know this!
From your local bug-geek.

Nature is facinating isn't it!


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