Friday, February 11, 2011

London Town

I am in London looking after my Niece and Nephew for a day or so.  I found myself with a bit of time, so I thought I would meander down to the London Canal Museum. I have been meaning to go for ages.  Here are some pictures from about the place:

There is a bit of an old boat to give one a taste for the back cabin and cargo space. A friend of mine wanted the plans for a traditional back cabin but it all got a bit awkward when trying to get it from a museum in Gloucester that I think he ended up giving up on the idea. I must ask him to remind myself of the story.


I rather liked this picture of a steam boat near Kensal Green Gas Works:


Apparently 40,000 people lived aboard the boats they operated in the 1870s.

you can step outside into the basin, but not access the towpath:




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