Friday, February 11, 2011

CanalPlanAC - Amended

On the right of my blog I have a link to Nick’s Canal Route Planner. When I just had a look at it I noticed that the link has changed, so if you use it update your bookmarks!


I have changed the links following an email from Keeping Up

“Which site did your CanalPlan link point to before you changed it? Nick has at least three sites; I believe the correct address to use should be which will always divert to the correct site.

His three sites are one for the previous version, one for the latest current version, and one for work-in-progress on the next version. Rather than keep changing the addresses, he uses to divert to the current one. That way he can revert to a previous one if there are problems, as well as conducting beta-trials on the next version without people falling over it. I believe the .eu address that you have pointed to, is one of these direct addresses, and should not be used.

Unless you know better, and Nick has changed his way of working, that is of course”

Allan tends to know what he is talking about and as the link he suggests works I shall change mine to that.


he goes on to say

“I can't guarantee to be right, of course, but I'm pretty certain you are supposed to use and I've just checked that I get the right results from that. I remember the confusion first came up a few years ago and I changed all my bookmarks at the time.”


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Thank you, Bones

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