Monday, March 01, 2010

Dear Granny

I hope you are having a lovely birthday, I know it is your birthday because mum said it was and we sent a card.  I would have sent a present, but she said I wasn’t allowed to send a present of my own.  Mum said that the postage system was too complicated and dog biscuits (even those without custard) wrapped up don’t fit in any of the categories (except parcels and I didn’t want to send a parcel, just a present) so I ate it myself. It was lovely.  I think I will bring another one when I come and visit you next, and you can try it (I can help you if you like).  Mum says it is the thought that counts. I hope you agree? I don’t.

I have been on holiday to Oxford and it was lovely! Arnty and Uncle Bottle came to visit in their boat. I like their boat, it smells nice and is the same colour as me. Here i am playing camouflage:


I was watching Uncle Bottle in the kitchen, I think kitchens are amazing.

I have to sit on the green mat so people can see me.


Unfortunately the mat is at mums feet so I have to sit with my back to her so she doesn’t get silly ideas about pecking order.  Apparently my bum looks big, but I think that that is a bit rich coming from mum!

I had some lovely walks around the trap grounds


We found a fantastic stick to eat, apparently I am meant to run around chasing it, but I find eating it stops that game quite quickly.

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We are back on our big loud mooring again now.  We were so tired after our trip up that Unkle Maffi cooked us tea and played the guitar.

I have been practicing my sleeping position. I think this one is my favourite at the moment, I look quite stylish (even if I say so myself).


I had a lovely walk this morning but my head fell down a rabbit hole. Fortunately it came out with a rabbit attached, but the rabbit was dead… so really I was just clearing the hole for the rabbits that live in there so they can come out again. Mum refuses to understand and mutters on about logic, wildlife, protection and things like biscuits in the bowl at home (which I hasten to add are STILL served without custard).  Anyway, it wasn’t me it was my head falling off that did it. Fortunately my head re-attached itself, but it was a close shave.

I tried to make my own custard last night, I managed to open the milk and drink it but forgot what to do next.  I wonder whether that is why I am not feeling too well today.

When we were having tea at the tea rooms (I LOVE the tea rooms) there was a little sausage on a string. Mum said it was a sausage dog not just a sausage. Either way I thought it needed eating…and thus I have found ANOTHER thing we disagree on! I couldn’t get anywhere near it, despite trying!  Mum even had a conversation with the human bit of the string and I STILL couldn’t get near it.  I am very disappointed.

Happy Birthday!  I hope you are having a lovely time. Is it my birthday soon, I think everyone has had a birthday now and it ought to be my turn. Perhaps I will think about a birthday list?

Lots of Love

Your devoted Grandson



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now boots guess what, Mum left some dog biscuits in a bag here at grandpa and granny's house, and a friend of mine has just arrived with a CARTON of custard,(not the old fashioned sort where you make it youself not in a carton) her daughter doesnt like carton stuff! its quite tasty though, so I think i will keep it for you, when you come,to visit, and then you can have biscuits WITH custard, a good idea?


ps I have had a lovely birthday and thank you for your card, we will be aware of all sheep and thank you for reminding me,

10:20 PM  

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