Monday, February 15, 2010

Out for the day

On Saturday decided it was about time I had a look at the other end of the Oxford Canal for a while, so on Saturday I pulled the pins and with the help of Bottle I navigated south.

Boots was very impressed with the work BW have been doing along the bank.



I was amazed that drink water lift bridge wasn’t exceptionally heavy! I wonder whether these plates with the new bolts are an indication that BW are balancing the bridges again?  I must find out whether they have done the same with the one at Shipton which we all struggled to open (apart from the local Hercules Mr Paris) the other weekend.


The following two bridges were opened by Bottle, and when he returned to the boat he reported that one had a sign saying that if the operator was under 14 stones they shouldn’t operate the bridge.  I have written to BW asking them why they don’t provide scales for operators to weigh themselves, and what we are meant to do if we or our crew aren’t 14 stones… can we call BW to come and do it for us? I am not entirely convinced that 14 stones or above is an indicator of strength or ability to open a lift bridge. I do hope BW explain the logic behind it as I think it is nothing short of fascinating.

It never takes very long to get to Oxford, but each time I go I marvel at how it takes 3 hours and not 5. We arrived at one of my favourite moorings spots mid afternoon and just in time for Campanula to decide to come and join me for a day or so.


Maffi came down in the car to pick Bottle up and do a car shuffle for Mo.

I am going to pootle around and then head back to my mooring on the 27th Feb – plenty of time to put some weight on… not sure I will make 14stone though.

Sadly, no disappointingly, no devastatingly there was a casualty from the trip. My gorgeously wonderful much hunted for and very proud making Klaxon horn was missing by the time I arrived at the mooring.  It must have fallen in on the way.


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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is our boots on the roof" lovely!

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