Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dear Granny and Grandpa

I went to see Arnty Claire and Uncle Ian last weekend. They have a nice house with carpet and a garden with Rabbits in it.  I didn’t catch a rabbit this time. Uncle Ian says I should do it ‘his way’ and that he could see them. He was pointing randomly into the grass and lumps of soil and things saying they were rabbits.  I don’t think they were. I like to hunt for Rabbits the doggy way, by smell.  Uncle Ian says that is no good.  I didn’t catch a rabbit. He put me off – looking doesn’t help surely!

Here i am in the drive looking at a clump that Uncle Ian said was a rabbit… I couldn’t see it – it looked like a flower bed to me.  I sat nicely though.


I haven’t taken mum to her classes since her last training class (although I think they MIGHT be for me). Mum says we have to go next week WITHOUT FAIL. We couldn’t go this weekend because Uncle Stefan was visiting.   We don’t have visitors next weekend. That is a shame isn’t it. 

We went to the Quarry with Uncle Stefan this weekend. We had a BBQ apparently… but there wasn’t a BBQ because the BBQ wouldn’t light.  After a while of trying to fan the flames Mum said it all came flooding back – before I was around  an ‘incident’ with the charcoal occurred and it wasn’t charcoal after all but coal so we didn’t have a BBQ; Mum gave Stanley, Molly and me a HUGE bone instead. It was delicious.  We did have a fire – it was magic.  I had a really late night! Stanley was so tired he rested his head on Uncle Bottles leg and fell asleep. 


I was exhausted from all the running around, and so was Uncle Stefan so we stayed in bed while mum took the boat back home.  I was just having a nice dream about Lord Byron and his romantic works when Mum hollered at us for a kettle of cold water QUICKLY.  By the time we were up out of bed and racing down the boat armed with COLD WATER as instructed Mum had magically transformed the engine room into a steam room. It was really clever, but very boring and seemingly pointless as we weren’t home yet, so I went back to sleep.  We stayed in the bushes for a while while Mum sat in the engine room and then off we went.

Molly was so tired today that she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She was sitting all nicely and then almost fell asleep – but she lay down instead.

Lots of Love

Your devoted Grandson



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