Friday, January 29, 2010

St Peter’s Barge London

Following my post last week about the floating chapel in Oxford, I heard about St Peters Barge in London from both Halfie and Sonflower.  Sonflower invited me to join him his wife Fran and the BCF on a day trip yesterday to visit the Barge and have a tour. What the hell thought I, so off I went. While I was there I met the owners of Gabriel who were the first boat to cross the Mersey from the new Liverpool Link canal to the Manchester Ship canal. Their article about the trip was published in Canal Boat Magazine last November.

St Peters Barge is one of 5 Barges moored on the BW side of Canary Wharf


Behind it is this interesting boat


Canary Wharf underground is like an air port terminal


and I noticed that several stations on the Jubilee line have a screen separating the train from the platform.  There are doors in the screen that line up and open with the train doors.


I also noticed that people get thinner the nearer to Canary Wharf one gets.


Blogger Captain Ahab said...

Life is so frenetic on Carary Wharf that they dont get a chance to get fat - that or its Darwins selection of the fittest - Only the thin manage to squeeze onto the trains in the moring rush hour - the fat get left behind.
I spend way too much time down there!

6:42 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

What a lovely little boat. If I have mde the name out right it is "Vartlet" which is part of the Museum of London collection. says:
"Launch tug Varlet built for the London lighterage company William Vokins, in 1937, by James Pollock of Faversham. This splendid little craft operated as a craft towing tug in the West India Docks, the Royal Docks and on the River Lea;"
which is all I can find on the net.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous tug said...

Details of varlet and other similar Thames lighterage tugs can be found at

4:13 PM  

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