Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scared of Dogs… was

I had always been scared of dogs, especially big dogs.  I did, over time, manage to get over my fear and as you know I now share the boat with a rescue dog, Boots.  I have never been afraid of Whippets (which is partly why I like the breed) but there are certain breeds I have struggled with; Dobermans and especially Alsatians.  The latter probably stems from when I was small and 6 vicious dogs lived opposite the local churchyard where our Goats were kept.  They not only nipped at my ankles every time we visited (which was fortunately only once), but they also tried to eat the goats. The latter was so bad the vet came out and painted the goats blue.

I know it usually isn’t the dog, but is the owner that is the problem, and subsequently I have always tried to introduce myself to dogs and get to know them. I haven’t really been exposed to Alsatians so I haven’t had much opportunity to get to know them and convince myself they are lovely.  My friend Michelle has an Alsatian and she is a darling (so is Michelle), so when Andy turned up with Lyra I was rather tentative.  Andy has some lovely pictures of Lyra playing the snow – she is so full of life and enjoying herself; this one has to be my favourite – I can just hear the music in the background.

Alsatians are like big bears with huge ears that just sit there, pointy and ready. I love the way ones hand disappears in the fur when you stroke them and best of all Lyra really is a lovely dog.


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