Friday, January 29, 2010

Dogs on Board

Every now and again Boots likes to write to his Granny and Grandpa about his antics. His most recent letter was about the training classes we are going to. Not only have Blue and Lou from Indigo Dream suggested I get baking, but  I was highly amused when the delightful Muttley and Baxter off Matilda Rose wrote a delicious comment to Boots about these ‘classes’.

There are 2 approaches 2 these ‘classes’. The first approach is to do everything she asks, first time, everytime. This boosts her public ego, wins you loads of treats (although we agree you should get an upgrade in the treat dept), and makes you so adored that you get away with murder the rest of the time. The alternative,if you really hate it, is pee on the floor and growl at the other dogs. Be consistent and she’ll get slung out. Love Baxter & Muttley”

It would appear that Muttley and Baxter are rather influential in their comments (see Blue and Lou’s letter to them here.


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