Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

Finally, yesterday, Harnser arrived in Thrupp to much cheer and celebration from the good ship Bones. Boots and I are heading into Oxford on Saturday and we were worried we would miss them.  Last time they were here they were cajoled into the Boat Inn in order to change the dates on Kate Saffins flyers for her play. I  had a lovely evening with them, Balmaha, Maffi, a pot of pens and 2000 fliers!  It was really rather good fun.

Anyway, they are back as are the BottlesHarnser hadn’t been to the Jolly, and as they knew it had been taken over, they decided we should spend the evening there sampling it.  It was jolly evening in the Jolly Boatman catching up. They have gone on again this morning… but I hope they will be back soon!


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