Friday, April 17, 2009


After the horror of discovering that the cake shop in Banbury I went to last year has discontinued Cream Slices I returned to the boat in time for Matilda Rose to arrive with some pipe. They have been very generous as they gave me the left overs from their shower board yesterday. Amazingly enough this is the same as the worktop I got from Freecycle to go around the sink. I will end up with a matching bathroom if I am not careful!

I set off just in time for someone else to open the lift bridge and do the first lock for me which pleased me. As I passed Morrisons Daisy telephoned me to see whether I was still in Banbury to do a home check for a dog. I put some feelers out about adopting a dog and I have been walking through the doors as they have opened. I moored up in a most inconvenient spot and caught up with Dusty (who always makes me laugh) until Daisy and her two greyhounds arrived. The home assessment was a success and they think they have a dog for me. The main worry about having a dog has been leaving it during the day while I go to work, so it would have to be the right dog. It turns out the dog they have in mind is used to being left for 6 hours so maybe it could work.

Next stop is to visit the dog, but I need to make sure I REALLY want to go through with this before I do. I think I do, but I can't pin point why I am worried about it - perhaps I think others will think I am being cruel or something, so I need to make sure I am happy about it... somehow. I am not very good at making decisions!

As I approached Kings Sutton I was getting rather bored sitting on the back of the boat and started singing silly songs.... the lock came up just in time to save me from the spiral of insanity!!!

Last year I found Aynho weir lock most unfunny, this year it was a doddle - probably because the river wasn't flowing fast. I also noticed that the canal was muddy and where the river cut accross it was as clear as glass. Actually, Bones looked rather handsome.


Blogger Miss T said...

Perhaps you should get two smaller dogs to keep each other company during the day?

10:50 AM  
Anonymous me said...

they could be duel purpose dogs and keep your feet warm when you come home in the evenings

2:08 PM  
Blogger Miss T said...

Excellent idea...they could toast all day by the stove then be like little storage heaters.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Big John said...

Hey Bones,

I started talking to some visitors to my work at the vineyard about rescue St Bernards (Jackie and I do have a widebeam.....) and ended up telling them about my chum Simon's dutch barge for sale...

Cut a lo-ooong story short, they were viewing the boat when I got home from work!

We then went and got v.v. drunk with Simon the owner and James and Amy, aka "The Lucky Ducks".......

Rescue dog/sell a boat... Where will it all end??


John and Jackie

9:52 PM  

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