Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 5: A day out

Alnwick took us to Evesham vintage steam rally yesterday here are some pictures:

I was really impressed with the south midlands area military vehicle trust display and their 3 WW2 Nissan huts. The display was excellent and quite like nothing I have seen before.

I have always liked these caravans:

I like Austins

Just as I found the motorbike display, and was delighted to see a Bantam there it rode off! I would have liked to have a closer look at the instrument panel and front forks:

I picked up an pump and Maffi gave me a hack saw and a poetry book (thanks Maff!). I couldn't find a Dennis lawn mower air filter for dad which was a shame, so the hunt for that continues.

At the end of the day we took Maffi back to Thrupp and I took great delight in seeing Ocelots offspring... who was rather surprised/gobsmacked/freaked out to see me there!

Thank you for a great day out Alnwick!


Anonymous ocelots offspring said...

man i was very confused when you appeared!!!!

12:21 PM  

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