Friday, April 10, 2009

Holiday - Day 2 Heyford to Banbury

Of course it is raining - Bones is boating! We set off from Heyford at 8am, and after seeing David Jason at the lift bridge, we pootled along in the damp. There are some lovely gardens by Allans Lock:

I checked up on the deer I left near bridge 198 last year, but sadly it had gone without a trace! On to Somerton Deep lock which always looks so much more picturesque in the post cards than when I go through there:

Somerton Deep Lock is the one lock I really do not like doing single handed - but I will have that opportunity on the way home.. maybe my arrival will coincide with a strapping crew coming up the other way...

We dropped the magnet frequently, but only found nails:

Going uphill at Kingsutton the plate on the bottom gate is bent. Bones got stuck as Maffi undid the paddles and the front deck started to flood at an alarming rate; the water was a good inch or so inside. We managed to sort it out in time, but I will remember that for next.

After a delve down the weed hatch we were back on our way to Banbury. There are lots of bottles in the water at Banbury, but it was good to finally meet Ten Bob Note!

On arrival in Banbury I noticed nb Alnwick moored up opposite - that was a welcome sight!

I still can't shift my cold and am feeling quite rotten. Nevertheless we had a lovely evening with Graham and Jane eating cheese. They are quite lovely.


Blogger Miss T said...

I'm sure Graham and Jane are lovely. But you could spend an evening is Beelzebub and say it was lovely if CHEESE was involved (we have some two year aged Gouda BTW...)

7:56 PM  
Blogger Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

We had the same problem at the lock, the bolts that hold the plate are lose and one poked into our bow fender. The shackle broke before I could drop the paddles.

9:40 PM  

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