Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last night Madam independence finally decided she couldn't face the trek into Banbury in the morning, and thought she might ask for help (gasp), so I texted Maffi who happened to be just around the corner already deciding to help me. The man is a saint. We dumped 5 more gallons into the tank and the good ship roared, spluttered and then went 'thank you eversomuch' and smiled.

After a coffee with Mr and Mrs Alnwick (fantastic coffee as always) I headed off into the sunset for Banbury.

this house cropped up on the left:

And I thought the use of space hoppers as fenders was original!

Coming into Banbury I saw Jill from Matilda Rose with Mutley and Baxter on her way to Cropredy (BY FOOT!), and told me Graham had the kettle on... and he did. After a good chin wag Jill arrived home and it was lunchtime. In no time at all several hours had passed and I quickly undid the ropes and headed to Sovreign to fill up with Diesel. There was a basket of free eggs on the counter, but unfortunately all the eggs had gone from the basket so I left egg-less, but I do have a full tank of diesel!

Just enough time to do some shopping, relaxing, showering and chilling before Matilda Rose came down for the evening; they are adorably adorable.


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