Monday, February 11, 2008

Oopsie and Stitches

You know I said yesterday that I had planned the week better? I don't think I did!

Last night I managed to cut my hand on some broken glass which was quite deep. Unsure what to do I covered it up, called Maffi who was walking down the road and walked over to the pub for some first aid. Needless to say I was sent up to the hospital and given a lift by a kind lass who was in the bar (Many thanks to Mark Paris for organising that, and Maffi thank you for coming with me). A long night in casualty was followed by an early morning start in surgery to get it looked at before being stitched, incase I needed surgery as the feeling in the fingers was a bit off colour. Surgery followed and I am now at home, The cut only nicked the tendons which is good and the nerves are intact so the numbness must be due to swelling. I return in 2 weeks. Until then I have been signed off for a week and will be taking it easy, I have been shattered of late so this will be a good opportunity to relax and recharge my batteries.

Last night I discovered my squeamish side. I decided not to look at the wound incase I went pale, but when the towel was pulled away Maffi 'squeeked' so I looked. I went most pale, clammy and unelegant, I sat on the floor announcing my need to be sick. I wasn't, but I didn't look again.

As we sat in the waiting room this morning we looked quite a sight; my hand with encrusted blood up the fingers and arm and Maffi wearing a rather stylish red splash of colour in his hair with a slight dribble down his forhead (see his blog). Us boaters are Gucci.

Now to bed to sleep off the rest of the anaesthetic.


Blogger BigJohn said...

You "will be taking it easy... a good opportunity to relax and recharge my batteries."


The way you two are going at the moment you'd send the whole of Oxford to Kingdom Come!

9:57 PM  
Anonymous kh said...

I wish you would take better care of yourself. As above if you're going to do anything with batteries make sure you have your tame electrician at hand.

Take a chill pill and enjoy your week off.


11:38 PM  
Blogger Miss T said...

Sweetie - I still think sinking the boat is the best option. But don't do it before I com for tea this PM. :-) xxx

9:08 AM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

oooh coming for tes miss t - goodie. Hopefully the ice will have melted and maffi cn bring his boat up next to mine so i can clear out all the glass with the hoover and move home!

bigjohn - okay, good advice, i will leave the batteries along! I think Maffi is the hazard around here - I was fine until he moored up the way!

KH - what I need is staff to care for me!

9:41 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

Oh dear, oh dear. Broken hand, concussion, cut finger.. have you considered doing research into why some people seem to be accident prone??

10:44 AM  
Anonymous grahoom said...

hope you're ok bones!!!!

3:04 PM  
Blogger Anj P said...

I think you ought to take this chance and really let everyone spoil you rotton for the week

You have definitely had the gremlins visiting over the last week. The boat and you!!!

Thanks for the suggestion re hatch - I will let hubby have look when he gets in

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Mukiwa said...

I know you like bones, but trying to expose your own is NOT a good idea.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous mt said...

think you should drink less :)

9:33 PM  

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