Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fuse Panal

I replaced my fuse panel on Saturday with something more suitable, as usual it took much longer than I expected but I was very pleased when I realised I had done it successfuly!. I also did an energy audit on my lights. My main lights use either 1Amp, or 0.7Amps which I was pleased about but I was horrified to discover the light in my bedroom uses 2.3 Amps. As I only really use one light at a time, if at all, I think I can safely say my light consumption is low. It did get me thinking, and as most of the units need replacing I think I will have a go with some LED lights. All I need to do now is work out which ones to use. I want reading ones, and ambience/atmospheric ones and I would like them all to have a switch on the side of the unit so I can switch them on and off as I please. I have emailed the company for some advice and hope to be enlightened.

It is exciting times aboard the great ship.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely to meet you at last. See how learning can make you unhappy. While you weren't aware of the power consumption of your lamps you were blissfully happy. Now you worry about getting the right sort of LED's

Iggerunce is bliss.

Oil be seeing you Oilways !! Sorry !!


10:49 PM  

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