Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dullness cheered by pie

After reading my blog Adam telephoned me and suggested I spend an evening with him and Lucy – what a splendid idea! I had nothing planned, had spent a very frustrating day on the boat struggling with two man jobs on my own, and had a raging headache from the Diesel fumes so I leapt at the opportunity.

Miss T can cook pies, fabulous pies where the flavour dances on your tongue and immerses your brain in satisfaction. This and some fine wine from my parents (thank you) went down a treat last night. This morning as I awoke and gazed over the roof tops from my bedroom thoughts of delicious pie wafted through my mind. This village on the outskirts of Oxfordshire with its stone cottages and tranquil air is exactly what I needed. Today I shall return to the bowels of the boat nad see whether it smells of diesel or lemon cleaner; hopefully the latter.


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