Thursday, February 14, 2008


I am, as you know, an invalid and being looked after. Last night WeepingCross came to visit and cooked Sausages and veggies with meringues to follow (oh the way to my heart is so so so simple). This evening I am on Maffi's boat for supper and he tells me this evenings dinner is going to be amazing. I am not terribly experienced in Maffi's culinary skills, but to say I am afraid wouldn't be short of the truth - especiallly when he tells me the menu is kangaroo steaks and leeks....


Anonymous kh said...

You better believe it, Sister. He really does a mean bacon & eggs. Might be an idea to stay away from the Baccardi, at least until you are sure the anaesthetics have all worn off.

I tried it once and fell over ! That's the Baccardi not the anaesthetics.

Have a good evening.


8:49 PM  

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