Saturday, March 17, 2007

Maffi and the Milly M

Many of us have followed Maffis boat build and his story as he tried to get from Saudi to the UK to start his life afloat. It hasn't been an easy journey, but he is full of joy at his life afloat and as far as I can gather, it was certainly worth it. Maffi is welcoming, easy going, chilled out and chatty and the ideal person to visit! I had several failed attempt to see him, but we finally met in Uxbridge Boat Centre (the best place on earth!). I strolled in, recognised him, said hello and that was all that was needed. Maffi is a guy who appreciates Hello, it means "hello, how are you doing, fancy hanging out for a while", which is exactly what we did. After a chat in Uxbridge we wondered back to the boat for some tea. Tea is big thing on Milly M's schedule. Make sure you have tea out of the cupboard, and NOT out of the useful tea caddy labelled tea (this tea is some new fangled leaf which smells of a beauty parlour and looks very very pale; NO!!! adding coffee does not help). Maffi has coffee, milk and 2 sugars. My top tip is the biscuit tin... digestives are in, and most delicious!!!!
My top tip of the day is bang on the door and ask for tea, or take him for a pint probably the latter). He won't impose on you, but I am sure you will enjoy talking to him and sharing boat tales (even if you don't have a boat!).


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