Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hampton Court Milly M

Maffi has made it to our quaters and we are certainly making the most of him. I went over to his boat with my friend Claire last night to cook him dinner, but I did not triumph. It took HOURS by which time we had almost lost our appetites, and if we hadn't the sheer quantity of food abolished it quite quickly! Despite this small hitch, Maffi still seemed keen to go for a cruise to Kingston for the day with us in tow. We had hoped to go down the river wey, but Thames lock is having some work done on monday. Another time perhaps.

This morning we set off from the Anglers at Walton with Claire and I on the front, and Maffi and Johnonthewey on the back.

Here is Claire counting the swans before pulling the pins.

Claire is thinking of taking up rowing so she grabbed the camera when this group went passed. We heard quite a lot about the various rowing clubs as we travelled.

It was really good to be onboard Milly M as she chased her way through the water to Kingston.

I really like the look of this boat, and as it caught my eye I took a snap:

As we were looming into Kingston I flung some dinner in the pans to get it ready for our arrival. After last nights fiasco I knew they wouldn't let me cook, so I did it in secret! I had marinated the chicked in various spices mixed with a little oil, and it was gorgeous! Even Maffi agreed! Claire is already converted to the Curry de Bones so I knew she would like it.

Kingston is a fabulous place. If you go you need to find bon bon patisserie and have a custard slice recommended by me, or a chocolate eclaire as recommended by the boys. The cakes are exceptionally GORGEOUS!

After cake, we had a stroll around the shops for bits, met up with Claire (who was shopping for some interview clothes) and pottered off to the riverside pub. Maffi had already warned us that it was over 3pounds a pint so my heart was beginning to palpitate as we neared the watering hole. We bypassed the expensive pub and went into the next which looks breath takingly expensive, but as it was Maffis round I felt slightly better. When he paid, 4 pints came to 7pounds 87pence. After the audible gasps and near fainting by John and I, I wished I had paid... not to worry, I had my chance later! Amazing. It has to be the cheapest pub in the whole of the Surrey.

An amazing day, really good fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romford was originally an FMC butty built by Braithewaite & Kirk in 1913
.....if you have ever seen Grange on the water,she was the 1st in the series,owned until 3 years ago by my in laws.


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