Friday, September 07, 2012

Day 5: La Defense

Every city has a business area and Paris is no exception. The tall buildings scrape the sky and with their panoramic views their shine is seen for miles. Each building reflects another building and each building stands tall as the tiny people mill around or relax on their steps. If the buildings aren't high, they are moulded shapes.

The Grande Arche is both those words and scattered around are a selection of sculptures. Amongst this man made matter man doesn't matter yet what is the point if man isn't there.

I had hoped to go to the circus today which was in La Defense but the bit that was on when I was there was too scary so my colleagues and I opted for an early supper in town.


Back to the Sacre Coeur for my colleagues to visit and for me to sit and watch. This is my last night in Paris. I am looking forward to being home.


So this is almost the end of my time in Paris. I am looking forward to being on home soil but no doubt things have changed since I was there last...not least Maffi's poor knee going ping!


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