Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Theatre in the Dock

Stolen from Maffi’s blog but never mind!
A unique theatre in a working dry dock. Tooleys, Banbury, October 5th-7th:

This is the fourth year that Tooley’s dock has become a theatre for a bit of a change from mending boats! And for another change it will be in October in the run up to Banbury Canal Day rather than in July.

This year we have some ghosts, some silent film and blues music, stories and more...


Friday 7.30: An off beat comedy from Day Star theatre A Night at Blackstone Hall

When Clarissa De Vere, Britain’s popular T.V. psychic medium is accused publicly of being a fake by an old adversary, Dr Thomas Cruickshank who has written many books de bunking all things paranormal, the trouble is only just starting.
They agree to spend a night in Blackstone Hall, the second most haunted house in England...

It’s going to be just the thing for an autumn evening in a dock!!

Tickets £10/£8

Saturday - story and activities with that well known local narrowboat Muddy Waters.

£5 – including a free book

Saturday 9.15pm (1h 10m): a real treat for waterway enthusiasts ‘The Longest Narrowboat Journey’ – a silent movie accompanied by ARCC and their incomparable improvised blues. A real atmospheric treat!

Tickets £8/£6

Buying tickets

Booking tickets: You can book online (from early September), from Tooley’s during opening hours or on the door.


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