Friday, August 24, 2012

Curious Gifts; M Paris and Liverpool Sam

I arrived home the other day to see a paintbrush on my roof. I thought this was rather odd but thanked the sky and took it inside. I moved my boat and the following day I found a little battery on the roof.  I thought this was just as curious but again thanked the sky and put it inside.

I found it curious but Humans are inclined towards random events and these seemed to fit the bill.  I was rather delighted to be on the receiving end and even skipped a little celebratory rigadoon around my paint tin.

A few days later I learnt that the battery was from Mr P.

This morning I was chewing the phat, as one does, on the towpath with some chums and one of them asked whether I got my brush.  I did!  He told me it was from Liverpool Sam. 

I don’t know how to contact NB Sam, from Liverpool, as there was no note so this is a thank you.


I don’t suppose he will ever read it but hopefully the skies will smile upon him in response.


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