Sunday, August 05, 2012


I am munching my way through some gorgeous barley chocolate cake laced with Guiness. What a wonderful way to end a magic weekend. I wasn't totally in favour of the eip trek over country and vale to the South East Alpine range, or whatever it was referred to at the time but fun is in the name of fun and all such things are good.

I switched from skeptic to convert when delicious coffee arrived and as with all conversions, the dank car park, which we were sat in, became the best place in the world. Coffee in the car park -what better way to wind down.

The coffee house sold Barley cake and I left fully armed. Good Time.

I returned from my trek in time for lunch - soup from the garden made by the weekend live in forager (far more efficient, fun and wholesome than a weekend lover). Well watered and well fed it was time to take an afternoon stroll.

Stroll locactions were discussed and the vote came through to see how the engine works in the vicinity were going on and finally, having read progress on the internet, I saw the team in action.

The specific action of witness for us was mostly that one of the team can fold into awkwards spaces. The work looks rather splendid.. not just clearing, fashioning, hulking, bending and lifting but the spirit of fun resided in this act of kindness - for that is what it is.

I have scoffed my way through produce, fun, frollicks, visits and coffee houses and now I am home I start my two weeks holidays from the workplace.

Inspecting someone else's bilges are a very good spur on to do ones own so I will be donning my overalls and lowering myself into awkwards spaces examing and replacing pipework, scrubbing and tidying.

I remembered to visit my mothers grave. She is not there. Staring at the mound of earth and weeds meant nothing. She is simply not there. Nowhere does she lie but in the hearts of those she left behind. The hearts of the living. The living are amazing aren't they.


Blogger John Witts said...

Being alive is simply amazing......

I forget this too often: thanks for the reminder! :-)

Get someone short to do your bilge/engine room for you. They bend better......

Have FUN!


9:22 AM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

OOh but the bending and fixing is tIe best bit. I too fit in interesting places easily....I am not sure extraction is as easy as the young things find

10:06 AM  

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