Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics (World) Ignorance (Mine)

I live without a television – as do most of the people I see each day.  I listen to the radio but until this morning I hadn’t heard a single mention of the Olympics – this is probably more to do with the times I tune in rather than the broadcasting. 

There are no bill boards, there are no posters.  Most of the tickets were sold by the time I realised they were for sale, and although I did think about it later (and was offered some free tickets only last week for tomorrow’s events) I realised I would be lost amongst so much sport and so many people.

I know that the Olympics are opening this evening and after asking a friend I have discovered they are being shown on television this evening.  I hope where I moor will allow me enough internet access to tune in to iPlayer with my 3G dongle.

Hoards of people are going to London from all over the world and I haven’t any idea when they are arriving. As for where they are staying  - when I picture the Olympic site I see it with scaffolding and a pile of rubble.

Time to update some memories perhaps… as I imagine it is all finished, polished and shiny. 

I know work colleagues are worried about the traffic and certain London dwellers are considering themselves grid locked for the duration (which is…er… two weeks?)

It never ceases to amaze me, despite persistently doing it, how easy it is to be completely oblivious to ones surroundings.

If there was a medal of Olympic Ignorance I do hope I would win, it worries me that I might not….


Anonymous bjornunda said...

Hi Bones, try and Radio 5 Live

9:04 PM  

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