Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter thoughts from the armchair

So, it is Easter.
Where I come from Easter is about new life. Eggs seems to be a pretty good representive of that. Even the supermarkets are full of eggs with the occasional chick around. Not just chocolate coated, but chocolate embedded, chocolate through the shell to the rattling empty core.

A bit like life really.

It is easy to coat our live in the attractiveness of proverbial chocolate.

If Easter is about new life, i know about new but I wonder what life is about?

My life is a million miles away from so many, crosses over with others, and combines a mixture of still others. The roads travelled have left their scars, smiles and dances and throughout, so far, I have asked myself, is this life? Is this my life?

Someone, now dead, asked the key question 'what is death' and it drove them insane. Then they did die, but not as you may think. They died to the life they had, they stepped off the road they were travelling and onto a new road, a new life, a new way. They said to me on their last months 'I have had a good life'. It wasn't exclusive of the period of insanity. I think now how amazing to, having utterly given up on life, be able to have said that those years later at the natural end.

Death is but a door out of where we are. May Easter be a time to step not through they valley of the shadows but into life, new life, the life we are born to live. There are many doors some we cross empty and some we cross with a few things, the good things, in carrier bags. Many lives and I know that is easier than it sounds.

Happy Easter.


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