Thursday, April 05, 2012

Day 5

Day 4 finished with dinner aboard NB Alnwick with the lovely Jane and Graham. I love it there not only because Jane is such a wonderful cook/host but the conversations are so fabulous. I retired to bed and awoke to a morning walk around cropredy with boots and a wait for crew. Nick had such a lovely day coming up Napton and crossing the summit he asked to come back which I was delighted about. We had a great cruise and natter into Banbury, followed by a shopping spree to buy a little camera for me to cart around in my pocket/bag.

I had tea with Chris and Joy and then having turned dinner down with them I couldn't turn down a second invite and I found myself sitting around the family table with Sonflower. What a lovely way to end the evening! I fell off my perch at about 8 and Peter took me back to collapse in the boat.

I have been incredibly blessed on this weeks break so far. Spoilt rotten doesn't even come close.


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