Sunday, April 01, 2012

Day 2

I had such a lovely day yesterday and so splendid an evening, you know one of those ones you don't want to end that leaves on warm and fluffy, that this morning I do not want to leave.

I am rather enjoying myself on Maffis boat so far. It is quite novel to me to have a bed at a sensible level, and whilst it provides me tremendous entertainment thinking of Maffi flung up in the sky snoozing the night away on my boat I quite like the fact that one can actually walk around the bed here and just flop onto it at any moment when passing with very little effort.

I walked to hillmorton church which is a trip not to be missed. The scene on arrival is quite extraordinary. The church yard is accessed through what seems to be a farm yard ad as I wondered in to the sound of barking I was astonished to see a garden with very high fencing and behind it the mot amazing jumping dogs. Honestly stand still to jumping up was a feat to be seen. I whole heatedly recommend it. They reminded me of my friend Andrew's dog Maggie who would jump from the towpath onto the roof of the boat just-like-that.

So I shall be leaving my friends, I suppose it would be wrong of me to nip over thwart here, bundle them up and steal them on to Milly M for the rest of the week.


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