Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stand up Comedy.

For some strange reason, last year, I decided I needed to fill the echoing chasm of my cultural experience and I found myself bundling along to various shows and films that were, quite frankly, rubbish. 

They were so rubbish that even my cultural friends glazed over when I tried to discuss (or invite) them to it with me.

So I decided to give up. However, I still had three tickets I haven’t used up (2 for stand up and one for a ballet) and that is why last night I was at the Playhouse sitting down watching Steward Lee standing up.

Stewart Lee (recommeneded by Kim and Jim who did a certain amount of back peddling when they realised I had actually taken their advice and booked a ticket) lost me towards the end, but mostly I thought he was quite good. I don’t think I would be able to sit through a Radio or TV show but there is something quite delightful about the live performance.

I actually booked 2 sessions of stand up. One was Steward Lee the next one is Paul Merton.

I actually know who Paul Merton is, so that has to be a good start and I am rather fond of him.


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