Monday, March 19, 2012

Weeks away - the PEOPLE!

What a wonderful time I am having in Banbury.

I arrived with friends and spent the week bumping into people I rarely see other than when I am here and it was lovely… despite a dog peeing up my leg and then that, Boots and Wallace being all masterful with a very sweet and bemused Labrador whose owner dragged him away from us all saying ‘oh dear, they are just being nice’. It was utterly out of my comfort zone which pleased the boyz no end remarking that the walk had just entered theirs.

On Monday Sonflower came over for some cheese and wine bringing with them the most delicious cheeses they had found on the cheese boat.

On Tuesday I had a royal visit from my father and in the evening Maffi, Peter and I went to Ye Old Reindeer Inn for a drink and in the process met the two lovely people off Cousin Jack who, that day, had got married! They only told us as we were leaving but it was wonderful to share a bit of their happy day.

On Thursday I was spoilt with an afternoon of luncheon, shopping and a whizz around the Ashmolean. Pete found the section on British History Particularly inspiriting…. it seemed rather sparse compared to the other sections. We got rather disorientated in the gallery but soon found our way back to the comfort zone of skulls and weapons. Thursday night saw Dom, Helen and I back in Ye Olde Reindeer where we were brilliant on the quiz and came a storming last. It was destined for doom when the first round was something to do with children.

I drank tea with Marrianne and Steve on Friday before collapsing back to my chair with exhaustion. I remained there until Sunday morning whereupon I embarked upon a shopping spree where I can only say that buying the brooms last would have perhaps made the whole encounter run a bit smoother.

Kate Saffin came to drop off some flowers and a card from the delectable Erica and timed it perfectly for luncheon so we shared that together before she left. I had a swift breather before afternoon tea with Chris and Joy and later an excited friend came aboard who had just viewed a narrowboat. He is looking for something around the 20K mark and there doesn’t seem to be much around. I am finding the whole process very exciting.

After a walk in the park where Boots ran off and decided to spend the time chatting with the rabbits I reclined in my chair again.

Over all the week has been fast and furious.

And so it is Monday. I can’t afford to have such a busy week because I need to get my boat back to Thrupp by Sunday. It isn’t too far but single handed it can wear me out and I don’t want to be exhausted for my return to work on Monday.

Good times. I do like it in Banbury – despite the crime.


Blogger Oakie said...

You obviously enjoy Hooky at Ye Olde Reindeer then! My favourite pub in Banbury - are there any others?
Single handed boating to Thrupp wears you out? Wait till you get to 76, then you can complain you young stripling!

5:01 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

I hope that by the time I am 76 I won't need to do it in a day!

6:53 PM  

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