Friday, March 09, 2012

The school play!

Last week I had a message from my dear Godson asking me which night I would be going to see him in his school play (I love his turn of phrase!). I chose last night.
It was utterly wonderful. Really, it was. The singing was absolutely amazing, the acting brilliant and I spent most of the time remembering my years of that age and gushing with pride that I was there for my godson. I could tell he loved his part but when he was the dame - my word; he had me in stitches!! He was on top form. I thought he was utterly wonderful and very amusing. I told him so in the car on the way home and we had a highly amusing conversation about his costume for that part; if anyone wants to know how to make a paper mache cocunut bra (even when the balloons are deflating), he is your boy. At 13 I think he is all man. It was concluded that the part was a bit riske as the first night of the play saw his skirt was falling down, then last night his coconut bra wasn't working (not that I noticed.. I thought it added to the comedy) and he thinks the wig might have it in for him tonight....

I think it must have been the longest school play in the world as I didn't get home until 11:40, but I do like school plays. This one was excellent.

Something I was reminded of was how much I love this family and how much this family loves me. I haven't seen much of them because of various things but I am really really hoping that that will change, fortunately I can do something about it. I must. What is really good about this is that it is me that needs to get myself organised and I think I can do that.

In other news I had a great revelation this morning:

I used to think the essential part of a hairbrush was simply to own one rather than actually use it. Having caught a glimpse of my hair in the mirror at work this morning I am wondering whether to waiver on that principle and start using it. Just in case you were wondering, it wasn't as bad as the last time (here)


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