Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Blogging Arrivals and Visitors

Maffi heard he had some post and the next thing I knew I had Maffi's post and was expecting his arrival on the train for supper (and his post). Supper was a veritable triumph. I hadn't really got enough food but I found a bit of soup at the back of the fridge that didn't kill us and managed to stretch the one remaining steak into a surprisingly tasty risotto that resulted, rather surprisingly in two empty plates and two empty dogs. We finished off the meal with a slice of Polenta Lemon drizzle cake that I made at the weekend. I had expected the meal to be a complete disaster but with the added bonus of Guinness in the cupboard I think Maffi actually enjoyed himself; 'the cake was actually rather delicious' he said. Boots was delighted to see Molly and they took up train inspection at the platform.

And Molly spent quite a bit of time trying to disappear.

When I was in Banbury the other week Maffi said that NB Paneke had asked after me. I am not sure I have seen them before but, the name is the same as a surname of someone I once knew so I remembered it. Maffi mentioned their distracting abilities and fun here and has periodically talked about them when we have spoken. When Maffi was here last night he asked whether they had arrived, I didn't know, but this morning that question was answered when I took the dogs for a stroll up the towpath.

There they are I told Wallace and Boots. Both dogs seemed to be completely oblivious to the arrival of the expected vessle. Boots was on major sniff mode and heaven knows what happened to Wallace - he was well up for his walk this morning and was bearing go faster stripes as he whizzed up the towpath with Boots and I in tow.


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