Saturday, March 10, 2012

Heyford to Aynho

Yesterday wasn’t my best day and so when I awoke this morning I was rather pleased it was over, I had survived the night; strong and valiant warrior that I am. With a new day under my belt I had a lovely walk around the village before setting sail for northern climates. It was an exciting day for my friend because she finally decided she wanted to learn to single hand her and her husbands boat and while he was at work was a prime opportunity.  Both boats set off and I loved having her smiling company at the locks and following behind.  The water levels are suffering and before I set off I learnt that restrictions are going in place very soon indeed.


A heron having a go at being a moustache.


The sun shone upon my friend


The arrival into Aynho from the south is very colourful


and now a view from my sidehatch.



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