Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Problem, Bones, Bones and Sextans

Lo! There was a holler across the waterway and yonder on the diesel point were some familiar figures moving around a familiar boat… so I hurriedly looked busy and got some varnishing done before the aforementioned arrived.

There was great excitement and once again I was chin wagging with Sue and Vick on No Problem. It was good to catch up AND they came baring gifts.



Sue left with, as I later discovered, a renewed energy to wipe her doors down, and I was left with a burning desire to make ginger cake… anyone know ay good recipes for it?


Later that day Sextans went past. That is a handsome boat!DSC01063


I have been hopeless tired/fatigued this week and have decided on a reviving dinner to get my iron levels up.  This has led to a new top tip from the fine kitchen of the good ship:




Blogger Alan Fincher said...

Of course Sextans is a (very!) handsome boat!

Well it would be, (of course!), being exactly the same type as our Sickle!

I think that's its owner Rex Wain at the tiller - apparently about the best fitter out of back (and other) cabins there is.

6:56 PM  

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