Saturday, March 31, 2012


When something happens to one of us, it happens to our friends too.

There are several reasons why Maffi didn't conquer the high seas on his grand tour and I am one of them. He couldn't go to far in case miss fiercely independent needed help, and I did need help. Maffi and my stunningly amazing friends were wonderful at doing just the right thing during my mothers final time on this earth.

This is what puts us where we are now. I am writing this from the arm chair of Milly M and Maffi is chasing back through the countryside to take residence on the good ship Bones for the week.

Maffi had already decided to work this season but having left Thrupp, for the second time, rather late he wasn't going to g very far before he had to turn around. So a bit of juggling and a weeks holiday on my part meant Maffi could go a week longer before turning around; the return trip is my job.

So I am on holiday. It is very strange being on Milly M without its captain and Boots finds the whole thing quite peculiar indeed. He is missing creeping up on Molly and gnawing her leg, or using her as a pillow and visa versa.

Maffis advice on leaving was that there IS a hot waterbottle if I need it but really the cast iron pot on the stove does the job. 'I just take that to bed' says he. Good idea says I....weird, but a good idea.

So, here I am holidaying on someone else's boat. I have lived on someone else's boat, but not holidayed so this will be interfering, I don't suppose I will want to leave at the end...and after a week Maffi should be quite proficient on the piano.


Blogger Sue said...

A great solution for you both - enjoy your holiday!

6:27 PM  

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