Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Afternoon: Fotheringhay

I took a trip out to Fotheringhay this afternoon.

crouching down looking up along a grave stone pointing to the sky is beautiful, especially with these tall Celtic crosses which lie so low beneath the cloudy sky; lying down makes them tall unproportionally taller than the other stones.  The sky behind this one looks rather delicious.

DSC08342 IMAG0350_1

Another favourite of mine is lying on the floor in a church…particularly when there is a vaulted ceiling in view. With a lot of effort and thought you can gently trick your mind into thinking you are on the wall and not lying down at all.   I like the rushing water at weirs too  (or the water rushing into a lock from a gate). If you stare at the swirling water for a minute or so then look at your hand, the skin on the back of your hand crawls. 

Fotheringhay church doesn’t lend oneself to these tricks but I liked the look of the ceiling all the same; the patch that was so different to the rest. There are a lot of good ceilings in our country – I find it interesting as so many of us spend so much time looking at the floor.


The pulpit was better (not just because a piano was behind it!).


I wondered what the view over the roof tops to the church looked like and as I stood on the castle mound I was able to see:


You can trick the mind, but tricking the soul is even better.

I sat in the old castle grounds in Fotheringhay and real life disappeared. I sat and listened to the silence, the wind in my hair and watched the River Nene wind along below me.  A fly busied itself weaving in and out of the reeds as if there was not a care in the world. I found the still quiet voice of the calm. The river didn’t tell a story this time, it listened and carried my questions away.


There was a quietness there so I sat for a while on a style, me looking one way, and Boots the other, being quiet.


I liked the seats made from tree trunks, one had it’s shadow with it, so me and my shadow took a seat:

DSC08371 DSC08372

As we sat and watched the world go by we wondered whether we found a place of peace, but timed ticked on and we had to leave.

Fotheringhay is steeped in history. The castle used to look like this


but it looks like this now (you can see where the water went when standing there):

DSC08366 DSC08374

I don’t know anything about trees but I did wonder whether any of the trees standing remembered the castle as it was.

My shadow wondered what it would be like standing or dining in the great all on the 9th Feb 1586/7



Blogger BigJohn said...

I recommend you go on holiday more often. Great Blog

7:26 PM  
Blogger Jill and Graham said...

Spent a fortnight below the castle mound and didn't mind paying £4 a night, absolutely one of the best places to watch Red Kites, I actually saw one take a baby rabbit off the mound.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous MoominPapa said...

You should plan to take Narrowboat Bones along the river Nene sometime. It really is the most splendid trip. Plan to moor one night in the woods downstream of Lilford Lock, a very atmospheric place.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Halfie said...

So the day and the month of the beheading are known, but not the exact year?

10:52 PM  
Blogger jonali said...

Love the blog. Have you ever tried lying down by the wall of a house and looking up at a cloudy sky. If the clouds are moving towards the house you feel as if the wall is going to fall on you. I used to do this as a child and scared myself all the time (wierd child). I also used to think wind in the grass was foxes coming to get me. My Mum used to wonder why I would come rushing into the house regularly for no apparent reason. Good fun though.

4:29 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

I think the Nene is beautiful!! I was really really surprised at how amazing it was.

Halfie - amazing isn't it!!!!

jonali - yes! The other one I liked was standing on the roof of a tower looking up to a cloudy sky...although it helps to have someone there to stop you wobbling off the top!

7:18 PM  

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