Monday, September 06, 2010


On this fine Monday morning after another weekend offering the opportunity of productivity I should really be sitting in my arm chair gently polishing my new floor with a socked foot, but no. I am instead averting my gaze from the piled up new floor in the corner and failing to care.  I do not have a new floor. Instead I  spent the weekend gazing over at NB Alnwick across the pond, chatting, chilling and taking it easy.


I didn’t avoid the good ship and the work needed in its entirety; I painted some of the new side panels for inside but only the primer as devastatingly (not) the shop didn’t have any top coat so I had to take the afternoon off.

With NBs Alnwick, Freespirit Rising and Clarence in the area, not to mention the delightful Dr Saffin who has returned from Edinburgh Fringe, I had a lovely time recharging my batteries.  I was particularly surprised when Wrens Nest replied to my 5:30am Sunday text (apparently Chris checked the phone just as the text arrived!) by inviting me to breakfast at 9:30!  Sunday finished with the arrival of Granny Buttons who I promptly took to Banbury to pick up his car and then visited Alnwick who, having left in the morning, had made it to Kings Sutton. 

A weekend of friends. Love it. I love it even more that I have no floor and it really really really doesn’t matter.


Anonymous Keeping Up said...

Friends are more important than floors anytime

4:32 PM  
Blogger Maffi said...

Ooooo you got Milly M in the picture . . .just!

6:54 PM  

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