Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Historic Boats: Aldgate

At the sound of the gentle close of the lift bridge I woke up and peered out of my window to see the water around me shimming. Then, in no time at all, I heard the gentle therapeutic thump of an engine and there in my sights came Narrow boat Aldgate.

Actually it was nothing like that, I didn’t sleep well last night and I looked out of the window just in time to see Victoria go past at 6am, then as I was contemplating the glorious morning I heard another boat, dashed out of bed, grabbed my camera rushed out doors, dashed back in for a jumper and leapt onto the roof, just in time to see Aldgate go elegantly passed.  Oh it was divine!

Aldgate caught my eye last week when the canal opened after the body.  I complimented him on his bow and he pointed out that the only bow his boat does is when he bends at the waist and  bows. A beautiful bow he had too.  The boat I gather has a ‘front end’. I like that.

I was too busy giving him gip for not having started at the crack of dawn and being amused by his response (I probably heard him making the sun rise) to get a decent photograph – but here is what I have.


These boats are breathtaking and I have particularly enjoyed the IWA being at Beale Park because I have seen loads of them this year. Only a few really catch my eye and I suspect it is the sound of the engine, the look of the boat and the character of the person in charge that catches me.


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