Monday, October 26, 2009

It is NOT saturday!

I haven't been feeling well enough to ride my motorbike so I decided to get the bus into the office today. I checked the time table, took the dog out, had a nice cup of tea, packed my satchel and strolled over the road to the bus stop. The wait was meant to be a mere 2 minutes, but after a while I decided I ought to check the times.. I did, they were fine so there must have been a delay. So, I waited another few minutes and then checked again, scratched my head and learnt a very valuable lesson. ALWAYS look at the right day. For some reason I was standing at the bus stop in my work clothes ready for work and absolutely convinced it was a Saturday, I don't work Saturdays!

I eventually found a bus stop with a bus and on arriving in Oxford I decided to take a walk through the University Parks.

This Panel:

Belongs to this nest:

I love the look of the pavilion nestling in the trees.

and the walk ways in Autumn are always delicious:

Even the flower beds are looking excellent!

Not a bad start to the day, or week.


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