Monday, October 19, 2009


So, it went like this:
I spent thursday on the boat with Mark doing some welding and I switched off all the engine and cabin electrics via the isolators.

I switched the cabin isolator on for the evening and pottered about

On Friday I spent the day tidying up, and then decided to move the boat. I turned the key, the engine roared into life, and then I noticed the engine electric isolator was in the tool box. I was rather puzzled as to how the engine had started with the isolator switch off, but decided mine was not to question how.

Yesterday after dismantling most of my kitchen I decided to run the engine for some hot water. I turned the key, the ignition light was on, the solenoid clicked and nothing happened.



I couldn't have a look at it yesterday because I couldn't empty the engine room anywhere on the boat because I had already emptied the kitchen into the spaces... so this afternoon I will grovel in the bilges and see whether I can work it all out.

Last night I sat in the dark on the sofa listening to the radio with no water, no kitchen and no running engine.
It is just like the good old days!


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