Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thrupp Cottages

Sometime in a moment of joviality at the tea rooms (there is a lot of that), it came to light that the thatched cottages belonging to BW were going to be 'dealt' this Autumn. We all had a look, scampered around the outside, planned our retirements and decided to club together to buy one of them. The main problem is the downstairs flooding 'issue' but it was concluded that an indoor swimming pool during the winter months could be regarded as rather chic (I was going to write chique but realised that is a species of flea, and I didn't mean that!).

After the excitment we returned to our normal lives and waited to see what was going to happen. It took a while, but yesterday the cottages became a hive of activity. The hedges have been trimmed, the gardens cleared, the garage knocked down and access made easier:

Somehow, I suspect, that were I to empty the tin on the fireplace I might not have enough to purchase one of these properties, even when it is flooded.


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