Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Medical hilarity - Bones gets cross

Several months ago I had to move my care from Surrey to Oxfordshire which made me most cross. The struggle I had registering with a local GP was nothing short of comedy – trying to get this particular surgery to accept my work address was a battle and a half. It was only when the people in Surrey called the surgery, and I used my title that I actually got anywhere at all! Until then the surgery kept trying to send me off to the homeless centre for my medical care. I am not the first, and I doubt I will be the last, to struggle with GPs and living on a boat – but I do know, from previous experience, that living on a boat does not exempt one from care! Anyway, enough of that….

Since enrolling with the GP 3 of the 4 doctors I have seen have exercised nothing but neglect. First of all my medication was reduced without any reference to my notes, and not only that the information I was given about the symptoms I would experience, or things to look out for was none existent - being the sensitive soul I am I had all the side effects and had no idea why I was so poorly and confused. The second Dr said it was a bit irresponsible of the first DR and promised to refer me to the proper centre for care and follow up. She didn’t. I then went to see another Dr who I thought had actually been to medical school… but he gave me a new prescription for the wrong medication.

I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon chasing up this problem and sorting out the medication, a whole afternoon of wasted time. I asked to speak to the practice manager to complain, but she was away, I was told she would call me today to organise for me to have a chat with her. She is meant to be calling as a matter of urgency… it is already mid morning and still no call. I asked who her boss was if she doesn’t call and that is the senior partner, who was the fourth Dr I saw… I was rather impressed with the fourth Dr so there is hope yet.

Will I change surgery – I think so - but not yet!

I just don’t see why getting medical care is such a catalogue of disaster. The stress and strain of the last few months where I have had to transfer from exceptional care in Surrey, to non-existent care in Oxfordshire is outrageous.

I think it is time for heads on plates.

Rant over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh dear what a saga. how are you today is what i would like to know


11:30 AM  

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